The Distinction LX TM

The Distinction LX

Summer is a time to enjoy quality time with your family and friends. Our swimming pools are designed to enhance your backyard enjoyment. Our High End Steel Series has been designed to integrate state of the art technology with the latest design trends. Bringing you the creation of technologically and aesthetically superior above ground pools, we bring technology and design together.

• 52” Galvanized and Corrugated Steel Wal
• 8” Multi-Ribbed Galvanized Steel Top Ledge
• 6” Fully Supportive Galvanized Steel Uprights
• Synpro™ Resin Decorator Ledge Cover 


Dimensions for Round Pools:
diameter x height
15’ x 52”
18’ x 52”
21’ x 52”
24’ x 52”
27’ x 52”
30’ x 52”


Dimensions for Oval Pools:
width x length x height
12’ x 23’ x 52”
15’ x 26’ x 52”
15’ x 30’ x 52”
18’ x 33’ x 52”



Our above ground pools are held to the highest New England standards. Included in our pool packages are quality pool equipment from Hayward. A leader in the pool equipment industry, Hayward products are engineered to last and work smart at keeping your pool sparkling clean and trouble free.